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Sit Investment Associates, one of the largest minority-owned, asset management firms in the United States, was founded in 1981 by Eugene C. Sit with only four senior management professionals, a small support staff, two growth equity mutual funds products, and $1 million in working capital. The firm’s managed assets reached $1 billion in just three years.


Sit Investment Fixed Income Advisors, a separate fixed income management subsidiary, was formed in 1984. The subsidiary manages taxable and municipal fixed income portfolios, as well as the fixed income portion of balanced accounts.

Since 1984, the firm has added a range of fixed income strategies, including its closed-end, rising interest rate, alpha and custom-alpha strategies. These strategies are available in various Sit Investment Associates products.


Sit International Investment Associates was formed by Sit Investment Associates in joint venture with Andrew B. Kim and the Bechtel organization of California in 1989. Today, Sit Investment Associates manages international as well as global portfolios.


Sit Investment Associates introduced its small capitalization domestic equity strategy.


Sit Investment Associates adds private investment funds to its product offerings. Many of the Firm's strategies are available in private investment fund products.


Sit Investment Associates introduces a dividend growth strategy, which invests in dividend-paying, growth-oriented companies to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation and income.


In 2008, the firm merged its global investment growth strategy with its dividend growth strategy to create a global dividend growth strategy.


Building on the success of its two dividend growth strategies, a third dividend growth strategy was added in 2015 that merged the firm’s small cap dividend growth strategy with the dividend growth strategy. Sit Investment Associates’ dividend growth strategies are available across its custom separate-managed accounts, private investment funds and mutual funds.


Sit Investment Associates adds a mutual fund strategy of investing in companies it believes have strong environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices.



Gene’s son Roger Sit now leads Sit Investment Associates as chief executive officer and global chief investment officer. The firm currently manages $13.5 billion in assets, as of June 30, 2016. The firm is employee-owned – we invest in the same products in which our clients invest. We understand that we are successful only when our clients succeed. We work tirelessly for our clients and put their welfare above all else.

Sit Investment Associates continuously strives to earn our client's and industry's acclaim by providing strong investment returns, innovative product offerings, high ethical standards, and treasured client relationships.

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